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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


UPDATE: This week's Q: "What is the ORIGINAL TITLE of the 1930 Joseph von Sternberg classic film starring Emil Jannings and Marlene Dietrich?"

This week's A: DER BLAUE ENGEL, a subtle and quite cerebral nod, if I do say so myself, to the lovely Jennifer Lawrence.

Congrats to winners @jasontdavis, @graymartigan and @NonAnamorphic!  Your X-MEN Trilogies will be on their way presently.  Remember: next week, the prize is ONE copy of the SUPERMAN Anthology on Blu-ray.


I just realized that, because of the release schedule, I'm missing a golden opportunity to officially kick off this Movie Cave idiocy now.  So I'm going to rectify that, and on either Thursday or Friday this week I'm going to be giving away not just one but THREE of these:

That, of course, would be the original X-MEN Trilogy Box Set on Blu-ray.

As I wrote last week at some point, I'm unnaturally excited about X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.  So far I've avoided almost all spoilers about the film and only watched one trailer; that was enough to first pique my interest and slowly but surely leave me anxious enough to pee.  And then last week some online critics started running their reactions to the film, and more than one pointed out that the film had undertones of both some of the Bond films and MAD MEN.  After reading that, I couldn't be counted in more, even though I don't know when the hell I'm going to get out to see it.  No matter.  The excitement persists.  Also, I'm not into tall blondes, but I'm pretty sure I would let Jennifer Lawrence touch me in my bathing suit place(s).

I never really read comics growing up; I had a few here and there and specifically remember being really into the first few issues of GHOST RIDER, but my nerd vice back then was collecting sports cards.  In an embarrassing admission that no one is ever to bring up in public, my sports card obsession led to me buying nearly the entire run of Marvel's NFL SUPERPRO which, you know...oh my fucking God, Marvel.

One of the things I DID collect outside the sports world were 1990's Marvel Universe Trading Cards, and they were BADASS.  And because they included just about all of the X-Men with quick bios and some stats, I was a little bit prepared for some coolness going into X-MEN in college in 2000.  And like a lot of the rest of you, I was blown away but what was the first "real" comic book movie.  Except, unlike many of you, I had NO idea what to expect as far as in-depth backstory for some of the characters or the scope of the world that would be created around them.  My most prevalent thought going in was, "Yeah, Patrick Stewart was pretty much who they had to get to play Xavier," based on the one drawing I'd ever seen of the character.  I never actually left the theater after the first viewing - I just burgled my way into the next one.

X2 still holds up as one of, if not THE, best superhero movie ever.  And yes, sure, we can all pretend that X3 didn't happen, though I think it has a couple of legitimately cool things going for it.

I've decided recently that I'm never going to get upset about a comic book movie reboot ever again.  If the comics themselves can spawn several different strains and interpretations, what's the difference if the movies do as well?  Often it's kind of an exciting venture - like seeing what Marc Webb is doing with THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN - and I think FIRST CLASS is no exception.  Maybe it's even good enough to redefine the franchise.  And the cast is unquestionably awesome.  My only qualm with what I've seen so far is that it doesn't appear as though Kevin Bacon gets invisible and sexually assaults anyone.

With that said, I think it'd be wrong not to appreciate the opening salvo on its own merits, so at the end of this week, there will be a movie trivia question lobbed on my Twitter and if three people decide to respond, X-MEN Trilogy on Blu-ray for all.

"Mutants are not the ones mankind should fear."

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